Panorama Photo Project

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18. Taal Volcano Crater

Batangas, Philippines – It will only take you few minutes of boat ride from the mainland to Taal Island and few minutes of hike (unless you decide to take a horse ride instead) from Taal Volcano’s foot to the crater’s viewpoint to kill your curiosity about Vulcan Point Island. Vulcan Point is the world’s largest (although you can hardly put a house on it) island within a lake within an island within a lake within an island. To add more confusion, Vulcan Point is actually just one of the cones of the active Taal Volcano. Therefore, Vulcan Point is also the largest volcano in a lake on a volcano. And the Main Crater Lake is the world’s largest lake on an island in a lake on an island. Contrary to popular belief (and Filipino pride), Taal Volcano is not the world’s smallest volcano, if and only if Cuexcomate in Mexico is considered to be a volcano and not just an inactive geyser. To be more precise of the claim, Taal Volcano is the world’s smallest active volcano.