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Places in the Philippines na Parang Pag-ibig

Places in the Philippines na Parang Pag-ibig

Call me hopeless hopeful hope fool romantic (or just call me maybe). Whenever I travel, I see love everywhere! Not from the couples who couldn’t afford to get a room while they release their romantic tensions. Not from another traveler whom I just met. But I find love in places. Metaphors of love are checking […]

  • #10. The Incredibles
    #10. The Incredibles
  • #9. Lightning McQueen
    #9. Lightning McQueen
  • #8. Animé crossovers
    #8. Animé crossovers
  • #7. Predator collection
    #7. Predator collection
  • #6. Super Mario Bros. collection
    #6. Super Mario Bros. collection
  • #5. One Piece collection
    #5. One Piece collection
  • #4. Star Wars Collection
    #4. Star Wars Collection
  • #3. Iron-Man collection
    #3. Iron-Man collection
  • #2. Villains collection
    #2. Villains collection
  • #1. Optimus Prime
    #1. Optimus Prime

Top Ten Collections in Yexel’s Toy Museum

Located at Las Piñas City, Yexel’s Toy Museums welcomes the young ones and young once with its magnanimous variety of collectible toys from childhood cartoons, animated films, Asian animé and Hollywood films. One will definitely enjoy the walk around Yexel Sebastian’s exhibit while reminiscing and identifying your favorite characters. The owner is still adding more toys so there might be more and better collections than this list.