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I Found My New Travel Buddy

I Found My New Travel Buddy

Last year, also the second year of my travel, I applied for a life insurance for myself. After my agent reviewed my accomplished application form, it was a surprise when he gave me a tip to switch my answer to no that questioned my involvement in extreme activities like diving. Since I already did scuba […]

8 Kings You'll Meet in Travels

8 Kings You’ll Meet in Travels

Time and time again, we have confirmed through blog posts we read that true love can be found while traveling. It is not a fairy tale anymore even in modern times. Surely you’re not the damsel in distress waiting to be saved because you’re the type who conquers the world instead through travels. So why […]

Tinipak River

Tinipak River

Tinipak River, more popularly called and passed by word of mouth by the tourists as Daraitan River, is regarded as the cleanest river in the Southern Tagalog Region in Luzon. The wide white wall of limestone and large boulders and rock installations at the end of the river trek plus the calming sound of the jade river are worth the sweat. There’s even a cave nearby that you can explore given the tide is low and rapids aren’t that strong.

How To Get There:

From Shaw Boulevard, take the van bound to Tanay, Rizal that stops at the public market of Tanay. Hire a tricycle going to Brgy. Daraitan. Before reaching to the other side where the barangay proper is, you will take a raft. Ride another tricycle. Register to the visitors center.

How Did I Get There:

I joined my fellow tour organizers, Jez and Box of Just Go, as a participant. For only PhP850, the dayhike open-trip fee includes roundtrip transfers, registration and guide fees, lunch and awesome photo and video coverage of Box, an indie filmmaker. Oha! But I got mine for free.

As an adventure and thrill seeker, I enjoyed the trek in the river banks and at certain heights we even hike along the feet of the mountain. I was really amazed by the great wall. It’s like the pearl white version of the Grand Canyon. We felt closer with the nature that I even fell asleep as it cradles me. We weren’t able to do spelunking and swimming near the Great White Wall because of the high tide and strong water current but we got our chance to take dip into the cold waters of Tinipak River later somewhere in the flat river bed.