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Places in the Philippines na Parang Pag-ibig

Places in the Philippines na Parang Pag-ibig

Call me hopeless hopeful hope fool romantic (or just call me maybe). Whenever I travel, I see love everywhere! Not from the couples who couldn’t afford to get a room while they release their romantic tensions. Not from another traveler whom I just met. But I find love in places. Metaphors of love are checking […]

  • #10. People's Park
    #10. People's Park
  • #9. D' Japanese Tunnel Resort
    #9. D' Japanese Tunnel Resort
  • #8. Lon Wa Buddhist Temple
    #8. Lon Wa Buddhist Temple
  • #7. GAP Farming Resort
    #7. GAP Farming Resort
  • #6. Davao Seawall
    #6. Davao Seawall
  • #5. Tribu K' Mindanawan
    #5. Tribu K' Mindanawan
  • #4. Eden Resort
    #4. Eden Resort
  • #3. Crocodile Farm Park
    #3. Crocodile Farm Park
  • #2. Malagos Garden
    #2. Malagos Garden
  • #1. Philippine Eagle Center
    #1. Philippine Eagle Center

Top 10 Things To Do in Davao City

Being the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area, Davao City offers a wide range of activities and tourist destinations to visit. Aside from hiking the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo, which is by the way excluded in the list, one will appreciate the flora and fauna by dropping by the top places in Davao City.