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New Romantics and the 62 Instagrammers

New Romantics and the 62 Instagrammers

In celebration of the recently concluded Worldwide Instameet 13 and the release of newest music video by Taylor Swift, here’s the sequel to the first tribute to the local community of Instagram users. I’ve rewritten once again Tay-tay’s lyrics. This time with her last promotional single from 1989 to feature another set of Instagrammers in […]

8 Kings You'll Meet in Travels

8 Kings You’ll Meet in Travels

Time and time again, we have confirmed through blog posts we read that true love can be found while traveling. It is not a fairy tale anymore even in modern times. Surely you’re not the damsel in distress waiting to be saved because you’re the type who conquers the world instead through travels. So why […]

On Top Of The World: #PurveyrOAPInstameet

This is the first Instameet that I joined and I was hooked in the mobile and street photography instantly. It is organized by Purveyr, Our Awesome Planet and the Instameet Philippines team. The photowalk started at Makati Cinema Square and culminated at the vintage strip of Bangkal in Makati. In between are railways, skyscrapers, wall arts, and interesting people of all walks of life.

The photo squares featured in the video are from the seasoned Instagram users I met. You can follow #PurveryrOAPInstameet hashtag in Instagram to see this awesome stream.

Music by Tim McMorris, “On Top Of The World”