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24 of the Most Beautiful Churches in the Philippines I've Visited

24 of the Most Beautiful Churches in the Philippines I’ve Visited

Churches in the country are most of the time included in the itineraries. It is because rich history can be found on most communities that started around these churches. These communities are still evident and present. And for two years, I’ve visited some of them for the first time. And everyone knows the drill when […]

Places in the Philippines na Parang Pag-ibig

Places in the Philippines na Parang Pag-ibig

Call me hopeless hopeful hope fool romantic (or just call me maybe). Whenever I travel, I see love everywhere! Not from the couples who couldn’t afford to get a room while they release their romantic tensions. Not from another traveler whom I just met. But I find love in places. Metaphors of love are checking […]

  • #10. Punto del Disembarko
    #10. Punto del Disembarko
  • #9. Ilihan Hill
    #9. Ilihan Hill
  • #8. Dapitan Aqua-Marine Park (Dampa)
    #8. Dapitan Aqua-Marine Park (Dampa)
  • #7. Dapitan City Hall
    #7. Dapitan City Hall
  • #6. Balut Boulevard
    #6. Balut Boulevard
  • #5. Dakak Adventure Zone
    #5. Dakak Adventure Zone
  • #4. St. James Parish Church
    #4. St. James Parish Church
  • #3. Dipolog Spanish Sardines
    #3. Dipolog Spanish Sardines
  • #2. Exile of Dr. Jose Rizal
    #2. Exile of Dr. Jose Rizal
  • #1. Dakak Beach Resort
    #1. Dakak Beach Resort

Top 10 Things To Do in Dapitan

Although the number of tourists visiting Dapitan and its twin city, Dipolog, is less than of Davao and other municipalities in Mindanao, Dapitan and Dipolog offer their own distinct flavor. Dapitan is historical because Dr. Jose Rizal was once exiled here. Zamboanga del Norte is also known for Spanish-style sardines.