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Free: 100 Destinations in the Philippines That You Should Visit Too

Let me introduce two things: First is the awesome electronic dance music of a Filipino music maker, KidWolf. Check the local airwaves and you’d find out he’s the guy behind the beats of some of the songs in the chart as he collaborates with artists like Sarah Geronimo and Daniel Padilla. “Free” is the official theme song of the recently concluded musical festival, Summer Siren. Aside from my inclination to DJ mixes as accompaniment to all my travel videos, I think only Original Pinoy Music will fit best in a clip featuring the Philippines. And the line in the song “Choose an island from the open sea” suits best. Second is my top 100 destination picks in our country that I’ve visited so far. All of the photos and clips featured here come from my travel. I am really enjoying this montage. This is my answer to Tourism Secretary’s call for Filipinos to turn ourselves into ambassadors for our country.

But this list does not end here. There are more spots to check in. I only have been around 30 provinces out of the 81. Another 100 Destinations list is on my way. Maybe, you, too, can join me in choosing one of the 7107 islands (and hundreds of festivals too) from the open sea.

Music by KidWolf & BV, “Free”
Extended Mix

Levels: 52 Weekends of 2013

This is the proof of an ambitious concept of traveling 52 consecutive weekends. It started as a one big dream to make the most out of life out of the office. Without missing any weekend or a repeat of a destination or an event, Project 52 Weekends has covered more than 30 provinces in the Philippines and 6 other countries and territories in Asia. 2013 has been a year of climbing mountains, trekking rivers, dancing in the rain, and meeting new friends and outdoor junkies, a year of an endless summer.

More than I have found myself in this amazing journey, I also have created myself to be the true-blood wandering weekend warrior.

Music by Avicii, “Levels”

That Power: Adrenaline Rush Moments

The ultimate PIOLO, Pucha I Only Live Once, moments of my travels since 2012 up to Weekend #62 of 2014.

  • Tandem Paragliding in Carmona, Cavite
  • Whitewater Rafting in Cagayan de Oro
  • Ziplining in Eden Nature Park & Resort, Davao
  • G-MAX Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Extreme Swing in Clarke Quay, Singapore
  • Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Snorkeling in Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental
  • Ziplining in Dakak Adventure Zone, Zamboanga del Norte
  • Mountain Hiking in Pico de Loro, Tarak Cliff in El Nido, Mt. Maculot, and Mt. Pulag
  • Monkey Bridge Crossing in Mt. Manalmon

Music by Will.I.Am & Justin Bieber, “That Power”
Dead Cat Bounce Remix

If I Lose Myself X Clarity: The Great Southern Negros Occidental Adventure

This is the longest video I blogged yet because we had shared and captured plenty pretty moments. What do you expect if three from the group brought a GoPro camera each? With that, someone needed to buy an external hard drive to pool the 12 gigabytes of videos and photos. Because I have to watch the captures again, it took me longer also to edit and to put them in one cool video. No complains though. It is the best buwis-buhay trip ever.

We came to the Great Southern Negros Occidental adventure from various locations: Manila, Boracay, Iloilo, Cebu and Bacolod. The party started in Iloilo as we celebrated the continuation of Mhar’s Best Birthday Ever. We then crossed the sea between Iloilo and Negros islands (and for some between Cebu and Negros islands). We took a long bus trip from Bacolod to Bulata and the rest is an awesome history.

We scuba dived, kayaked, snorkled, partied in an infinity pool pretended like no one is watching, played Monopoly Deal card game, sipped few alcohol, paid visit to private sanctuary island of Danjugan, beach bummed in Turtle Island, and did anything fun in between.

Music by OneRepublic & Alesso, “If I Lose Myself”
Tiesto Remix
and by Zedd & Foxes, “Clarity”
Tiesto Remix

Safe And Sound: Maldives

Crossing Maldives in the bucket list is a proof that miracles happen every day. #Malandives is a one-of-kind adventure to a surreal beach paradise on earth made possible by an airline glitch and made fun by newly found friends. The Filipinos invaded some of the islands of the country. We plunged to the clearest waters and whitest and finest sands in the world. We asked for group discounts, played and introduced Filipino games, hardly caught sunrises and sunsets, enjoyed Maldivian dish, got lost in Male, and laughed and bullied each other.

Music by Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound”
Dzeko & Torres Digital Dream Remix

Tikman: AirAsia X Experience

It’s a default choice. I always want to get the seat near the airplane’s window because of the thought-provoking cloud formations, dramatic sunsets and unique skylines. This video documented the bird plane’s eye view of the islands of four countries namely Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Maldives and the Philippines during our flights to and from the Maldivian dream vacation. This was also my first time to grab premium and business seats. Thanks to Air Asia X! The experience is so freakin’ awesome.

Music by Sugarfree, “Tikman”
Sung originally by Eraserheads

Happy: Laiya

Yet another birthday celebration for a member of Team OSOM, it’s (Saint) Patrick’s day! Because we enjoyed Hashtag Saturdays at Club Haze the other week, we visited it again with vengeance – a bigger couchsurfing crowd. And just right after the partying and meeting bitches in the club, we headed straight to Laiya, Batangas to stroll in the beach with the club. What is so clingy?

Music by Pharrell Williams, “Happy”
Taxon Trap Remix

Young, Wild and Free: My XXX Birthday

My 57th weekend getaway is a double celebration. It’s my XXX birthday and the send-off party of our new friend, Sam Wu. He’s a fellow couchsurfer and visiting volunteer to Tacloban. Team OSOM, my large group of travel buddies, decided to invade Club Haze. It was the first time visit for some of us. We categorically identified ourselves as proud jologs and the invasion in Club Haze is quite overwhelming but hell of a fun still. The foreigner Sam, on other hand, is mistakenly identified as a conio who graduated from Ateneo and from San Beda by some of the students of these law schools who gathered there for an event.

Music by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars, “Young, Wild And Free”
David Larkie Remix