Vivid and Vibrant Videos

FM: Photowalk in Singapore

It was my third time to visit Singapore. While the city country is too organized for other seasoned travelers, I find a home in Singapore for a photowalk. The symmetry, the minimalism, and the orderliness of the Lion City is meant for mobile photography. Just in time for F1 Grand Prix, I satisfied my need for speed through Sky Luge. I also visited Chinatown, Little India, Gardens by the Bay, SEAquarium and Marina Bay.

Music by Jahzzar, “FM”

Ordinary Human: Bali

Bali is my favorite island outside the Philippines. It is like a compressed Luzon island where different land and water forms are reachable only within hours. I enjoyed wandering around the Balinese beaches, cliffs, lakes, and mountains with temples all over. While it is an island meant for honeymooners, a solo backpacker like me still appreciated the island filled with goodness of people and landscapes.

Music by The Script, “Ordinary Human”

A Little On The Wild Side: Java Island

For a programmer who is so used to Java machine language, getting to the Java Island in Indonesia is an interesting homage. I visited two special regions of the island: Jakarta and Yogyakarta. With the help of my couchsurfer friend, I roamed around the city capital and took time to know more about Indonesia through bank, puppet, history and art museums, and churches, masjids and temples of different religions. Then I flew to Yogyakarta to witness the extravagance of the centuries-old temples.

Music by Tim McMorris, “A Little On The Wild Side”

A Beautiful Life: Quirino

More than just a forest heartland of the Cagayan Valley region, Quirino province offers the simple life and nature’s rich gift. Seen here are Nantugao Falls, Bimmapor Rock Formation, Siitan River Cruise, Governor Rapids, Madella Falls, and Aglipay Caves. This awesome random and open journey is made possible by PH First.

Music by Tim McMorris, “A Beautiful Life”

On Top Of The World: Siquijor

The island of Siquijor is relatively small province of only six towns but it holds a lot of surprises that would erase your first impression of the island. Beyond the supernatural stories, Siquijor lives to its name the Mystical Island because of the enchantment from its natural landscapes and seascapes. You can bike around and hop on and hop off between old churches, waterfalls, marine sanctuaries and springs. Most of the activities here are for free and cheap.

Music by Imagine Dragons, “Siquijor”

On Top Of The World: #PurveyrOAPInstameet

This is the first Instameet that I joined and I was hooked in the mobile and street photography instantly. It is organized by Purveyr, Our Awesome Planet and the Instameet Philippines team. The photowalk started at Makati Cinema Square and culminated at the vintage strip of Bangkal in Makati. In between are railways, skyscrapers, wall arts, and interesting people of all walks of life.

The photo squares featured in the video are from the seasoned Instagram users I met. You can follow #PurveryrOAPInstameet hashtag in Instagram to see this awesome stream.

Music by Tim McMorris, “On Top Of The World”

Girls Chase Boys: Juandering in Manila 3

Jonas joined #JaywalkersPH’s Juandering journey of Juxtaposes, Jogging, Justling, Jigsaws, Joys. Juandering in Manila, now on its third season organized by Jaywalkers Philippines, is a photo-race challenge where trios of photography enthusiasts outrun competing teams by completing different photography-related challenges. Participating shutterbugs perform tasks across several legs in Manila and in this year’s twist, Quezon City.

I went to the event as part of the documentation team. Here’s a sneak preview of the event – an unofficial video captured from my lens. The journal about the jaywalking event is underway. So stay tuned.

Music by Ingrid Michaelson, “Girls Chase Boys”

Stop Time: A Day in a Life of a Dire Wolf Named Lobo

His name is Lobo, the most creative name ever named given to a dog. He is a 7 human-years old Alaskan Malamute and my 33-kg best buddy for 5 years. He likes mangoes, sleeping early, and taking the tricycle for a joyride!

We don’t have a top down car for our teenage dream-ish vacation yet. But we surely both enjoyed this short trip.

Music by Landon Austin, “Stop Time”

Best Day Of My Life: JustGo Baler 3.0

More than a year ago, I joined an open tour in Baler, Aurora. Months later after the said trip, I found myself among with the head organizer and new “board directors” forming a new open travel group called Just Go. Since 2013 is a year where I go out every weekend, my intention is to head the creatives, promotions and website development of our travel group instead of guiding the participants to the event itinerary. Until the time has come for me to shine, as my teammates say. JustGo takes a circle of ten to Aurora with me as their tour guide. Dubbed as ‘Haler Baler, Aura sa Aurora’ trip, the third batch of participants enjoyed the best days of their lives in one of the popular surfing sites in the Philippines.

Music by American Authors, “Best Day Of My Life”
Just A Gent Remix

Summer: Laboracay 2014

There’s no other place in the Philippines where I should be partying on a summer of 69th weekend but Boracay. In a long weekend of May 1. The (infamous) Laboracay, a portmanteau of Labor Day and Boracay Island, attracts more crowd to the 24/7 island and more hate than ever from the outsiders. Curiosity killed the cat and I got the bittersweet taste of a super peak season in the premiere beach destination.

But Laboracay is not just all about eat-sleep-rave-repeat party animals. I still did find and spend chill times with good ol’ friends from different cliques. Little known, I started a moving on phase here. Because saltwater solution solves.

Music by Calvin Harris, “Summer”
Extended Mix