Book a Flight And Start Moving On

Book a Flight And Start Moving On

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We’ve seen the repeating theme of films about travel. The protagonists are traveling around similar plots wherein they move on and start over again. Along the way they realized moving on is a gift to one’s self. Moving forward is letting go of the things that drag us down. It is only when we have moved on, we’re free to do the things we always wanted and to go after the better life we deserve. Travel helps the heartbroken to achieve that stage. Some great adventures of a lifetime start with booking a flight. Securing an airline ticket is already half the battle.

You deserve better.

Airplane seats are not created equal. Some can provide you with more legroom to have a comfortable flight ahead, while some allows you to suffer with less (so they can squeeze in more people in a flight). The experience sitting along the aisle is different from what a window seat gives. You avail certain kinds of service depending on how you see yourself deserving of that need but you don’t necessarily have to settle for less.

Kaya kung gusto mong ipreserve ang iyong sanity and self-worth especially for longer flights, choose the airline that gives you more space and better service at surprisingly affordable fares. If you want to enjoy wider seats and a bigger legroom for you to sit back and relax inflight, choose Philippine Airlines.

Ticao Altamar, Masbate

Don’t let your baggage pull you down.

Baggage? Don’t worry, Philippine Airlines got you. No matter how heavy or light, big or small, at kahit emotional baggage pa yan, you can bring it along on your next PAL flight for free. That’s right, with your hand-carry luggage plus FREE checked-in baggage, you can definitely bring more of your #OOTDs and move on in the most unkabogable and fashionable way.

Fill your emptiness with so much more.

Gutom or uhaw sa pag-aalaga at pagmamahal? Sagot ka ng PAL. With its heartfelt service at the core of everything it does, siguradong mabubusog ka sa alaga. But better than that, bubusugin ka rin with FREE in-flight meals for international and snacks for domestic flights. No one moves on with a hungry stomach and Philippine Airlines knows that.

At ‘pag hindi pa sapat yan, panoorin na lang muli ang One More Chance with myPAL’s Inflight Entertainment System. Baka may mapulot ka pang tips on how to move on from Popoy and Basha.

You deserve so much better. Choose someone who values you. Like PAL. With better service at surprisingly affordable fares, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Experience the difference now, book your flights

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