The Day I Asked For Space Because I Couldn't Move On

The Day I Asked For Space Because I Couldn’t Move On

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I already noticed my bulging tummy disproportionate to my skinny built. I posted my frustration online promising myself not to eat too much anymore. Seph, a fellow influencer, saw that status update and reminded me regarding the food crawl happening the very next day. Oh no! I ate my words… and more.

The mechanics of the challenge is simple. Visit the 6 restaurants featured in the given map. Eat the best-sellers they offer. Finish ahead of the other team. The food crawl is a battle between my team against Seph’s. PayMaya had chosen one lucky follower of each blog to join us in this gastronomic exercise called #NowNationFoodCrawl.

Winners will bag PayMaya credits but between Seph and I, the prize at stake is bigger. Bragging rights! If he lost, he’d make hugot out of it. One of our mutual friends wanted him to lose in the battle because it’s fun to see a six-foot tall guy crying a hugot out loud. And if I lost, um well, according to the same friend, I can just move on from the loss like the way I used to. Ouch!

I was also happy with my partner. Hannah is an avid reader of my page and has been following the blog a long ago including the itineraries and travel stories prior the hugot era. She gave that day up for calories intake. It’s her cheat day! She even asked permission from her cross-fit coach. The punishment – no more cheat day for the next 30 days. So to make this food crawl worth the sacrifice, we should win.

Now Nation Food Crawl

The battle ground for the food crawl is at the Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. What a nice choice for an arena right? In my opinion, Maginhawa Street is the ultimate food avenue in the metro with hundreds of restaurants a foodie can choose from. And out of such number, we’re dining at six of them. We went to an Asian food hop from Japan to Taiwan to Indonesia. Drown me with sashimi and I would still accept the challenge. Japan, check! I wasn’t that adventurous in food when I go out of the country but it was only in Taiwan where I indulge in its street food. Taiwan, check! However, Indonesian food is my waterloo. No to curry!

Now Nation Food Crawl

But no matter how convenient (or maginhawa) the street sounded like, the race became a pain eventually after eating plates of good and delicious food. This was the first time where my digestive system worked harder and felt more agony than my heart. We realized late that unintentionally they wanted the food crawl to be literal as dragging ourselves close to the ground. At several points, I couldn’t move on. Yet again. Huehue. My stomach is asking for more space!

Now Nation Food Crawl

The race was neck-to-neck, tummy-to-tummy. Imagine a photo finish marathon wherein the champion emerged because the edge of the stomach touched the finish line first. Unfortunately that stomach was Seph’s! Argh! My partner and I arrived at the last stop first but it was Seph’s determination and monstrous digestive pocket that took home the prize along with his teammate.

Now Nation Food Crawl

Should we repeat the food crawl again, of course, we’d still sign up. We’re definitely going back to Maginhawa Street. PayMaya is widely accepted in the restaurants there for a hassle-free food trip. While I ended up runner-up again, I still won experience points. Thanks to my PayMaya family.

Now Nation Food Crawl

Here’s the video how we crawled Maginhawa Street!

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