Merry Things We Love This Christmas

Merry Things We Love This Christmas

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The airplay of Christmas In Our Hearts is hitting the ceiling again. All I Want for Christmas is back and this time with a carpool karaoke version. Temperature is getting low. Lights are up sparkling. Christmas is around the corner and there’s a lot of merry things I am looking forward this season:

Merry Paymaya

Family Reunions

We understand each other when we’re avoiding questions regarding marriage and parentage during Christmas family reunions. But it is also the season when we go back to our roots and visit our hometowns. Bright side, the tourism in our provinces improved. There is a destination or two to visit with our cousins, nephews. and nieces. This is the travel squad we have.

Christmas Bonus

And for some, 13th month pay in lump sum. Admit this – the only reason why you haven’t thought of resigning yet before December is the 13th-month pay. What we receive at the year end is our boost to kick off next year.

Local Bazaars

An alternative to malls are bazaars that offer cheap bargains. Go after the bargains that sell quality local products too. Not only you get uncommon gifts for your friends, you also help small- to medium- scale enterprises and local businesses grow.

Merry Paymaya

Theme Parks

Yay! They’re fully operational once again. Theme parks are the best places where we can enjoy being kids one more time.

Film Festival

With the recent changes in the organization that controls what to be shown on Christmas Day in cinemas across the entire archipelago, the lineup did an 180-degree and becomes really promising. Whether you watch movies for entertainment or for support of quality arts, there’s at least one movie for each one of us.

Merry Paymaya

Simbang Gabi

The tradition is very much still alive. Regardless how weird 2016 is, when we look back with last months that transpired, we still have things to be thankful for. We send our gratefulness in the church. We offer our prayers. We honor the great love of the Father given to us through His Son. That’s how Christmas started.

Merry Paymaya


Pampanga is having a parade of lanterns while Tarlac is showcasing their belens. Streets in Ayala and Policarpio are well-decorated and fully-lighted. These are visual delights for everyone.


An annual planner or journal is a reminder or a relief that we have another year to start over. We have a new season of caffeine refills.

Love Actually

I am going to be cheesy about this. Christmas season is also the time where hearts pumps more kindness. People tend to be more forgiving. A lot of reconnections and recollections occur during these happy times just because it is Christmas. And just like what the movie had shown, at Christmas, we tell the truth. We tell the people who matters to us that we love them.

Merry Paymaya


Let us be honest. the holiday season is also about rewarding ourselves and our loved ones with gifts. Sales, promos, and discounts sprout left and right but don’t forget to shop wisely by purchasing good finds that are affordable, unique, and useful. Another way to shop wisely is to use PayMaya when you shop online or at physical stores because when you do so, you have a chance to win 1 million pesos. Dubbed Merry Millionnaire, this promo allows everyone to earn a raffle entry with every action and purchase done with PayMaya app or card to win P10,000 pesos weekly or P1,000,000 in the grand draw. You can head to the link to know more about the details:

The longest season of Christmas happens in the Philippines. It is only fitting that there’s a million ways on how to celebrate it and things we should celebrate about.

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