15 Things You Can Buy With PayMaya To Move On

15 Things You Can Buy With PayMaya To Move On

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Moving on is never been easy but staying in a place where nothing happens is harder. So let it go and move forward. Surround yourself with positivity. You can afford new beginnings. Contrary to a popular opinion, you can actually buy happiness. Chocolates, travel, items on sale? These are things that make us happy. Good news is you can have such happiness with PayMaya. And here are the things you can buy to move on:

1. Get a new hairstyle.

Go to the nearest salon. The first sign of moving on is getting a new hairstyle. Take it from Basha. If a relationship goal is to stay longer but only to be cut short, what makes it hard for your hair to end up with the same fate? But unlike the failed relationship, you can turn your hair to something new.

2. Take a chance in UberPool.

While forgetting the X (Okay, trying to forget the X), go UberPool instead of choosing UberX. Imagine what Tadhana could setup for you and your fellow passenger. Together with a beautiful stranger, you’re going to take the road to forever… in EDSA.

3. Go to a grocery store.

We understand that to be loved is a basic need. So does the household. Go to the nearest grocery store. Grab a fruit juice or baked products. You’re unsweetened, not bitter. And as always, check the label.

4. Book a flight in an instant.

If you couldn’t define the relationship, at least when you’re booking a flight with PayMaya, your ticket can be instantly confirmed. You don’t have to rush into offline payment methods and over-the-counter transactions to beat the deadline of paying a ticket.

15 Things You Can Buy With PayMaya to Move On

5. Subscribe to Spotify Premium.

The popular app offers a 3-month subscription promo on a lower price. Avail the premium service. Stream the songs that understand your feels. Download the album of our patron saint of moving on, Adele. When your premium subscription expires after three months, hopefully, the only thing you would recover and bring back is your Spotify account. As per Popoy and Basha’s rule, you could now be in a relationship with someone new also.

6. Skip the line with beep card.

Riding the train system in the metro is painstaking especially if you don’t have a stored value card. To add injury to the wounds, single journey ticket reminds how single you are – queuing and waiting twice. Good thing, PayMaya comes with beep too which can be used not only in trains but in P2P buses too.


7. Handle your excess baggage well.

Maybe you used to think you’re going to travel light. Unfortunately, things happen and now you have to carry excess baggage along the way. It is hassle-free to charge add-on services with PayMaya because the purchase is also instantly confirmed.


8. Food is heart heart.

Can’t go to a restaurant that serves your favorite food because it reminds you of the monthsaries which both of you used to celebrate? Have it delivered at your doorsteps through Food Panda!

9. Go with the season.

It’s time to clean up your closet. End the pa-fall season with a new line of clothes from the spring and summer collection of your favorite retail shop.

10. Enjoy staycation through AirBnb.

Book a hotel or room. Don’t mind if you’re to occupy a twin size bed alone. Staycation is an answer. Experience how it feels to stay when everyone else leaves.

15 Things You Can Buy With PayMaya to Move On

11. Join random and open trips.

There are travel agencies that organize open-for-all adventure trips and accept Visa as a payment method. Traveling mends a broken heart. At the very least, it gives you time and space to find answers on questions. And in a playful show of fate, one of the participants is also looking for a new start. 

12. Take a second look on books.

Go to the nearest bookstore and buy books. Regardless which genre you’re to select, the book itself is a proof that new chapters exist. It is not the end of the story for you yet.

13. Learn the power to control.

PayMaya can teach someone how to control. Most of the payroll account comes with debit card functionalities. Sometimes, one couldn’t resist to go all out and swipe without taking notice that a fraction’s been taken away his/her the payroll. With PayMaya, one can load a certain amount of money thus limiting the purchasing power. Because we know you, bes, very well. Control is a challenge.

14. Hit the gym.

It’s time for your sweat glands to work and have your tear ducts rest. Make your heart functions differently this time in your cardio activities. Burn calories not exes. 

15. To receive love, you’ve got to give love.

When God said love one another, your ex loved another one. That hurts you. You thought you won’t love again. We tell you, love comes in different forms. Look for a charitable foundation with a cause close to your heart, or a stranger and do some random acts of kindness. Giving is loving. And you’ll receive a special and rewarding kind of love.

15 Things You Can Buy With PayMaya to Move On

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