Millennials Who Pursue Their Passion Live Brighter

Millennials Who Pursue Their Passion Live Brighter

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They didn’t know that I’ll be attending the same event. Arriane Serafico, whom I previously collaborated with in her inspiring brainchild project Design Her Story, is one of the top social media influencers of this generation. Eco dela Sala, one of my travel pals in Southern Cebu, runs his own advertising agency and hosts gig after gig. I am looking up to both of them for a reason they commonly share. They are the slasher kind of millennials who juggle several things which they are passionate about. They pursue the things they love while they are getting the other career tasks done in their own time. It was a nice catchup time with them. Despite our busy schedules, chance allowed us to meet under one roof at the same time.

One common conception about the millennials in my opinion is the lack of focus. Millennials know their goals. However, we get easily distracted in achieving them because our hands are held up by responsibilities to make the ends meet. Either we haven’t figured it out or the opportunities are still lacking for our passion, purpose and profession to perfectly co-exist.

Everyone who knows me can identify travel as one of my passions. In traveling, we spend time and money. So when the idea of being a financial advisor was presented, I had my doubts initially on how would that work in my lifestyle. I used to think that within the spectrum of delayed gratification and instant pleasure, being financially savvy and being on-the-go living-in-the-now adventurer are on the opposite sides.

I learn when I am being corrected. It appears that it is possible that one can live brighter – passion, purpose and profession, these three things together.
To achieve the balance, one should be able to find a handful of time and resources first. Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor is one opportunity to become that flexible and free.

Profession. To be part of an established and well-known international leader in providing life insurance, protection and wealth products and services is a solid foundation. In the Philippines, a small fraction of the population is still uncovered with insurance and less knowledgeable about investment products. It is a good opportunity to educate the market with the importance of preparing for unexpected events and financial solutions. The career is also provided with perks such as all-expense travels and freedom to work with an unbridled schedule.

Purpose. To be trained as an advisor itself is a good benefit to begin with. You can apply what you learn from the trainings and sessions in one’s personal life. If someone is spending his resources in travel and other things he is passionate about, because of the learnings as financial advisor, one can be an expert in spending and saving money. This expertise can then be transferred to others and help them plan for their respective futures as well. You become their partner to their financial freedom.

Passion. Since you can enjoy now the flexibility of time, one can live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. You can contribute to a bigger cause. Pursuing one’s passion is financially sustainable.

Sun Life allows us to embrace the brighter life. It is reaching more millennials. The message here is that one’s dream job is just here all along.

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