I Found My New Travel Buddy

I Found My New Travel Buddy

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Last year, also the second year of my travel, I applied for a life insurance for myself. After my agent reviewed my accomplished application form, it was a surprise when he gave me a tip to switch my answer to no that questioned my involvement in extreme activities like diving. Since I already did scuba diving twice, my previous reply is affirmative. I figured out by confirming my fond of extreme activities or sports could somehow affect my application similar to how health issues are considered as red flags. My application was accepted with these changes.

Back to the present, I was invited in a jam-packed weekend of intense activities. The invitation has a prominent clue – a rock climbing challenge. Because I am up to the call, I confirmed my attendance without any idea of whom I would be against or teamed up with. Plot twist – we are ensured that we are covered by a new accident insurance in the market. Sweat dropping thoughts came. Are they serious about the challenge ala Survivor reality show that we really needed an accident insurance package?

With relatively no sleep at all, I met the other participants, they’re all bloggers, in Quezon City. We’re headed to Kampo Trexo in Cavite. The long trip gave an isolating feels. It created vibes of seclusion and the need to survive in a deserted place.

Everyone seems to know each other. I only knew FPJ and Gian that time while the rest were new friends to meet. We were regrouped into 4 teams and I was sorted to Red Team with FPJ, Enzo, Marjorie and our very own Ms. Earth.

Pioneer Insurance, Red Team

Pioneer Insurance, Red Team

Pioneer Insurance, Red Team
Puso. As one heart.

The teams were competitive as expected. The members of all teams took the risks of the challenges. The insurance coverage perhaps pumped us high knowing each one of us is protected.

Already hyped after the cheering competition at the opening games, our team was the first to do rappelling and wall climbing. While I was confident in the latter because I’ve been climbing mountains, wall climbing is a different story. I almost didn’t make it to the top. My lower body couldn’t lift the rest of my body that the upper body did the job but apparently exhausted my energy in the long run, er climb.

Pioneer Insurance, Wall Climbing
The technique is to climb like a frog

Since I wanted to bounce back and the team was also determined to uplift our standing, we emerged in the relay activity. But being contentious to outdo myself, I was disappointed that yet another wall climbing, lateral this time, slowed me down.

We unanimously selected Ms. Earth to represent our team in the final relay to compete with the male team captains. The rest became spectators and cheerers. What we’ve been battling for – brand new flagship mobile phones from Cherry Mobile for the champion team.

Pioneer Insurance, Boodle Fight
What else could bring the people closer together even in a competitive setting? Of course, food.

I was able to speak with one of the http://outpax.co heads, Maricor. We shared stories about our common passion – adventurous activities like mountain hiking. Her group already completed my ultimate bucket pair of mountains – Kanlaon and Apo. Meanwhile, she’s interested in the mix of groups that I am with – couchsurfers and Instagram users who love to photohike. We can complement to their website that shares adventure stories. And before we parted ways, we tried the High Ropes (that sounds like High Hopes which my heart always beats for), the very same and final challenge that the team captains took.

Pioneer Insurance, High Ropes
Earth above the earth in a chance to outperform the male team captains

Pioneer Insurance, High Ropes
High Ropes rhymes with High Hopes like what the heart beats for

It is an interesting day that we, risk-taking bloggers, were united by Pioneer Insurance, the provider of Travel Buddy Adventure. Unlike the previous encounter of life insurance that turned its back for adventurous people, I was satisfied to learn that there exists an insurance coverage package that admits adrenalin-thirsty people like us. I firmly believe that doing something we fear makes us alive. And that’s where Travel Buddy Adventure coming in. It’s an answer to those who need an assuring travel partner (seriously, I need one because of reasons).

Pioneer Insurance, Inside Out
Inside Out. Team captains with master of ceremonies, GianCarlo

Pioneer Insurance, Outpax.Co
Posting for #InsureShop, #PioneerInsurance, #Outpax

Pioneer Insurance, M&M
M&Ms in real life

So what’s Travel Buddy Adventure? In a nutshell, it is a personal accident insurance with a premium of PhP 100 for a maximum of PhP 100,000 cash benefit. Aptly true to the name of the company, it is a pioneer in the market product that lets the purchaser travel unlimitedly for 30 days and still covered for loss of life or sight and disablement of limbs. This amazing product is available online through http://www.shop.pioneer.com.ph called InsureShop.

Another good thing about the Travel Buddy Adventure is the coverage of the long list of amateur sports and land and water activities which included but not limited to bungee jumping, free fall (like I always do when in love), mountain climbing, rock climbing, spelunking, zip lining, river tubing, dragon boating, jet ski, scuba diving, white-water rafting, go-karting, skateboarding and so on and so forth.

Travel Buddy Adventure

But, Pioneer Insurance didn’t stop there. It is also offering MediCash Dengue Insurance, available also on InsureShop for PhP 350. For the lack of better term, we became experimental subjects when we’re exposed to an environment where mosquitos carrying dengue could possibly be living. Even without hospital confinement, upon diagnosis of dengue, one is entitled to PhP 10,000 medical cash assistance.

No one was hurt (well, I think the ego of some losers, ha) or was confined due to dengue in the entire duration of the intense program. The peace of mind when everything else is covered helped a lot to focus on the game. Thanks to Pioneer Insurance.

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