Summer Cruise: Of Chillin' Snorkelin', Corals and Scuba

Summer Cruise: Of Chillin’ Snorkelin’, Corals and Scuba

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It was like another summer to remember in one of the Saturdays of September. Straight from my late work shift and caffeine-filled mornight, I went alone to San Luis, Batangas to experience discovery scuba diving.

Even though this was my third time, the thrill and excitement were still present. My first two dives happened in Maldives and in Danjugan Island in Negros Occidental. This time around I didn’t have to fly miles to go deep because this popular diving spot is just a few hours away from Manila. Subic Bay is the other good diving spot in the mainland Luzon.

Summer Cruise, Saturday Morning
Mornings greeted by this view boost good vibes for the day

I arrived at the Summer Cruise beach house too early than the agreed time. Haven’t I seen how serene that morning in San Luis is, I would have slept my time before meeting Kai. But the landscape is so click-magnet that in exchange of rest, I took photos after my breakfast.

Summer Cruise, Saturday Morning
A piece of peace

No wonder why the Takagaki family had chosen to put a business in the center of this attraction. The place gave me a peace of mind away from the stress of the metro. For a passion in scuba diving, which runs in the family, finding a spot like this to fuel the passion is a sweet dream.

Summer Cruise, Beach House
Sweet spot

Don’t be fooled by the lack of having a beach of fine sand. These are all just a tip of the iceberg, er, rock formations. Because what lies below is the true hidden gem of Summer Cruise place. With just a few steps away from the beach house are communities of corals and fishes. Another few swims and one can see the slope to the deep blue.

Summer Cruise, Snorkeling
Fortunately that day, the waters are calm and clear. Just got lucky.

Summer Cruise, Snorkeling
Little fish roaming around the shallow waters

Summer Cruise, Sanctuary
Side trip to Fish Sanctuary

I also had the chance to visit the sanctuary nearby. Oh my G, look at that fish. It looks like my next fish steak. LOL. No. Since fishing is prohibited within this area, and the school has been fed constantly, the fishes are really that big. Not to mention their color shows good health.

Summer Cruise, Fish Feeding
Fish Frenzy

Summer Cruise, School of Fish
Most beautiful fish sanctuary I’ve visited yet in recent memory

Summer Cruise, Fish Sanctuary

Summer Cruise, Fish Sanctuary

Rainbow below sea level

My last dive happened a year ago that I already forgot the feeling of breathing with an apparatus below. So Kai and I reviewed the discovery scuba diving exercises again from the clearing of the mass to breathing with temporary loss of apparatus. And I passed the test. So it’s time to dive!

Scuba Diving with Feelings
I can still scuba dive!

Summer Cruise, Scuba Diving
Follow the leader

Summer Cruise, Clown Fish
Clownfish are correctly depicted in Finding Nemo. They are so protective of their offsprings.

Summer Cruise, Clown Fish
In my fish card, there are only two kinds of fish – Nemo and Others.

Summer Cruise, Fishing

More than the scuba diving and snorkeling experiences, Summer Cruise also offers sumptuous meals too. The best bento box I’ve munched from. They’re also fishing what they serve so it’s guaranteed fresh.

It was also shared by the Takagaki family that while most of the visitors come for scuba diving, there are also visitors who simply enjoy the beach house and spend time with their loved ones over some barbecue of the fresh catch and chilled drinks. I would love to bring my group of friends and stay in one of the bigger rooms there to chill and to relax with beers and card games after the underwater activities.

Along the rocky beach, one can also find new friends.

Summer Cruise, Locals

Summer Cruise, Barangay Balite Beach

It’s automatic. Filipinos love to be photographed.

Summer Cruise, Barangay Balite Beach
Who would have thought that beside the underwhelming rocky beach is a beautiful dive spot?

My day trip ended with a positive note. If I’m to pursue my open water scuba diving license, I won’t go far to complete the course. I can always go back to San Luis, Batangas, and to Summer Cruise.

Summer Cruise, Kai Takagaki
Summer Cruise, Staff Crew

Summer Cruise, Staff Crew
Summer Cruise, Staff Crew

Kai and my new friends from Summer Cruise who used to think that I’m a Japanese as well

For those who are interested to have the introduction to scuba diving, hit the following link: It’s only PhP 1,900 All in inclusive of entrance fee and lunch. Trust me the discovery scuba diving in other places could go as much as PhP 3,500. So what Summer Cruise is offering right now is definitely a steal.

Summer Cruise, View

Summer Cruise, Facilities

Summer Cruise, Facilities

Summer Cruise, Japanese Read

Summer Cruise, Fish Lookbok

Or you may reach Kai Takagaki through their Facebook Page at

Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise

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