8 Questions Frequent Travelers Always Get

8 Questions Frequent Travelers Always Get

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Whether the question pops from my Facebook inbox or during a small talk in a meetup, I like to answer these curiosities about travel because it’s my favorite topic. And there are questions that are repeatedly asked by different people. I know my fellow travelers get this a lot too. Here are some of the FAQs:

1. Bakit ang yaman mo?

How come you can afford to travel?

Marina Bay Sands polaroid

I used to be one with the group of inquirers asking the same question. I was in the humor niche in blogosphere before and I had no idea how travel bloggers do it.

Not all are sponsored trips. But trips can be researched though.

So as I become a travel blogger too, the secret is the intensive Google search to get the cheapest accommodations and means of transportations. Plan ahead. Travel light. Join in a pack.

Travel is like an upgrade to the latest gadget, a daily Starbucks coffee or ramen fix, a snatch of matching trendy outfits, or a maintenance to your daily ride car. It is a lifestyle choice.

I own a cellphone with cracked glass for years. I have eaten ramen once in my lifetime yet because I find ramen too expensive for a bowl. I commute to my work with clothes I’ve been wearing in alternate for more than two years. I gave up a lot for something on top of my priority list. Keyword: priority.

2. Kelan mo na upload yung photos natin?

When are you going to upload our photos?

Pico de Loro Polaroid

If we have photos together, expected time of upload really depends on how I look on those pictures. Haha. Seriously, a lot of factors should also be considered – the speed (or the slowness) of home Internet, when obsessive-compulsive strikes to post-process things, busy schedule beyond work, or the people in the photos themselves. LOL.

I think it is a courtesy to just wait especially if you’re the one who requested to be photographed. Works at freelance model ka eh.

Like what other uploaders observe, Facebook decreases the quality of image. So we are also sorting to other platforms like Flickr and Dropbox. Yeah, maarte.

3. So ano trabaho mo, full-time traveler?

Do you even have a job?

Bohol Polaroid

We can only hope that we are travel magazine photographers, right? Being paid to travel sounds so fun. But I am not. I also work inside my cubicle hoping for benefits like 6-month vacation, twice a year.

In my account of experiences, the travelers I was with are from the fields in information technology and in business process outsourcing. Some are also nurses. The common denominator is a professional who wants to enjoy life beyond work shifts and beyond the four corners of the office or hospital.

The most secured way to keep the travels rolling is to be employed first.

Basta traveler, full-time lover.
Sagot na ng company mo ang SSS at HMO. Ako na bahala sa PAG-IBIG.

4. Hindi ka ba natatakot mag-travel mag-isa?

Aren’t you afraid of traveling alone?

Paragliding Polaroid

Traveling, whether solo or in group, has dangers and risks in different forms.

One of the Koreans I met in Jeju suggested that I shouldn’t continue my trip in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) borderline of South Korea and North Korea but I still proceeded. Because I want to complete all 81 provinces in the Philippines, I will continue with that challenge with the help of tourism officers in Mindanao.

Of course, I’m not pabebe all the way who cannot be mapipigilan. I listen to PAG-ASA for weather updates and DOH for updates like MeRS-CoV spread.

If you always travel with someone, then ma-fall ka sa kanya, mas delikado kaya yun than to solo backpack all the way. To be the third, fifth, seventh… (2n+1)th wheel where n is any whole number, isn’t less hurting.

Solo traveling pushes one to his or her limits. It breaks you out from the comfort zone. And with the discovery of your new capabilities, you then fear less. And eventually become fearless.

5. May pamilya ka ba?

Isn’t your family looking for you?

Travel does not exist without home. If we never return to the place we started, we would just be wandering, lost.

I was also asked in an interview before if I still go home since all my weekends are scheduled to hike or to take a vacation. And yes, I do have a family. And they can still recognize me even if I appear darker and darker each time I come from the mountains or the beaches.

Universal Studios Polaroid

One is lucky to have a supporting family who allows their child to go to the places he or she wants to explore. When we’re kids, our parents take us to a weekend getaway from home to celebrate things. So in celebration of life by traveling, this need should be understood as well when we become adults.

Also what Josh Gates said is applicable here – Travel does not exist without home. If we never return to the place we started, we would just be wandering, lost. Home is a reflecting surface, a place to measure our growth and enrich us after being infused with the outside world.

Well, that quote is debatable if you want to define what (or with whom) your home is.

On the other hand, Titas of Manila will then ask, magkakapamilya ka ba? Kaya nga nagtatravel na lang muna eh.

6. Do you have an itinerary in this certain place?

A frequent traveler is now regarded as the subject matter expert. So most of the friends now seek advice on how to make the planned itinerary possibly and conveniently work.

I always get this kind of inquiries and I am willing to help. But there are also trips that I just went with the flow and didn’t have a strict itinerary to follow. As you might notice in this blog, I don’t have a full itinerary guide on the places I’ve been in details. Because I usually break what I prepared.

Sagada Polaroid

When traveling abroad, I make sure that I have a solid line up of activities and places to visit including backup plans. I have this thinking that since I won’t visit that country anytime soon again, I have to follow my itinerary strictly.

Meanwhile, I am lax when journeying around Philippines because there are always friends (thanks to my growing network of couchsurfers, Instagram users, bloggers, and mountain hikers) that are simply a message away to help.

My answers vary on different situation or setup. I also asked more questions back – For how many days? Are you traveling alone? With family? With group of friends? What is your allocated budget? Are you moving on? Anong nangyari? Since when pa?

7 – 8. Sino yang kasama mo? Mahal mo na ba?

Who are you with? Are you in love with the person already?

Taipei Polaroid

Hay nako.

Along his or her way, a frequent traveler meets another traveler. The friends who don’t travel will then notice the new person who just walked in. They become suspicious of your motives to travel often. They investigate exhibits in tagged photos in Facebook stream. Uy, cute siya, sino siya? Mahal mo na ba? Tinutulungan ka ba nya mag-move-on? Sinisimulan nyo na ba ang forever? Yan ka na naman ha?

I was even asked before if I have fallen for someone I met in my travel.
“Many times”, I said.

Daming tanong please.

8 Questions Frequent Travelers Always Get

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