Capturing Contrasts and Complements

Capturing Contrasts and Complements

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There were times as I wandered in other parts of Asia, I could also find the Philippines fitting in the picture. And vice versa – the countries, where I have been, were also remembered in some of our own spots. The following captures from my lens are either in contrast or complementary. I am presenting the photos in pairs not to demean one or to prove the other is better. In my humble viewpoint, this is my ability to recognize and to celebrate the differences and similarities of neighboring countries.

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1. Bridge

Banpo Bridge
Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea – The Rainbow Fountain Bridge is the world’s longest bridge fountain. Because of its unique beauty, I was drawn to visit it twice in my entire stay in Seoul. The regular fountain show is accompanied by a music.

Buntun Bridge
Buntun Bridge in Cagayan – While I haven’t been in the famous bridge in the Eastern Visayas, I find the Buntun Bridge the most beautiful yet. The setting of the sun added drama to the scene.

2. Train Station

Train Station in Seoul

Seoul train station – I was worried in catching up my flight in Jeju Island so I woke up in the morning and waited for the very first train going to Gimpo from Myeongdong. I arrived at this calm scenario.

Train Station in Manila
Manila train station – Things could get more challenging for passengers than what I witnessed here.

3. Feline

Cat in Seoul
A working cat in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea – There are several dog and cat (even sheep) cafe restaurants around Hongdae catering to the Korean students in the university belt. You realize the stiff competition when a cat is employed to market the cafe by distributing ads.

Cat in Manila
Manila mingming – One of the cute creatures I stumbled upon while doing a photowalk around Manila and Quezon City streets.

4. Party Beach

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia – A long stretch of beach meant for surfing, for spotting girls and guys, for sunset watching, and for partying with people of all kinds, colors and orientations.

Boracay Beach
Boracay Beach in Aklan – Has been regarded once as the best beach in the world and is currently marketed by the local tourism board as a 24/7 island. The best assets of beach are the fine and white sand, and the paraw sails with picturesque sunset background.

5. Boardwalk

Maldives Boardwalk
Boardwalk in Fihalhohi Island Resort – Fihalhohi is one of the many luxury island resorts in Maldives. Did you know that in this island, an hour difference from the capital Male is imposed on its timezone for business, not for geography, reason?

Siargao Boardwalk
Boardwalk at Cloud 9, Siargao Island – Siargao Island is considered as one of the best surfing sites in the world. Here also lies the boardwalk open to public. Cloud 9 is named after the local chocolate bar being enjoyed by the Siargao locals.

6. Cliff

Cliff in Bali
Uluwatu Temple in a cliff in Bali, Indonesia – What surprised me in visiting Bali are the cliffs since what I only used to know then are its beaches. In Uluwatu Temple, you can even stand as close as to the edge of these tall cliffs.

Cliff in Batanes
Rolling Hills in Basco, Batanes – In Philippine context, the cliffs are often associated with Batanes. And the cliffs are still one of my most memorable mental images of the northernmost province in the country.

7. Canine

Dog in Taipei
A husky in Chiang Kai Shek, Taipei, Taiwan – I think Taipei is the most dog-friendly city in all of the countries I’ve been that I see owners walking their best friends on leash around everywhere. This one lucky snow dog is being pampered with an ice cream.

Dog in Coron
An aspin in Coron, Palawan – I thought this dog is just fond of swimming in the beach but as I followed this little fellow, I witnessed his hunt for food – fish!

8. Prenup

Prenup in Padang-Padang
Wedding shoot in Padang-Padang beach in Bali, Indonesia – Some choose to visit other country away home to get married. An idea of doing a photoshoot in a beach is always welcome.

Prenup in Balicasag
Wedding shoot in Balicasag Island, Bohol – They are starting their forever in the Philippines.

9. Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – Not only you’ll find farmers in the rice paddies but also a strip of art shops in the roadside.

Banaue Rice Terraces
Banaue Rice Terraces – Declared as one of the world heritage sites due to the landscape shaped by the irrigation system and agricultural practices dated years ago even before the Spaniard occupation.

10. Skyscapers

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong skyline as seen from Victoria Peak – Hong Kong is known as one of the most vertical cities in the world. The skyscrapers are rising in bulk.

Manila Skyline
Taguig skyline as seen from Binangonan Rizal – To make up for the population density in the National Capital Region, more and more buildings in the metro are being built to accommodate residences and businesses.

11. Sweat

Namdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea – It is the largest traditional market in South Korea.

Quiapo Market – It is notorious for cheap finds.

12. Tower

Taipei 101
Taipei 101 – Figuratively and literally a green building, Taipei 101 is a supertall skyscraper in Taiwan with 101 floors and environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes. One of the known skyscrapers that offer best firework display welcome every New Year.

Ayala Tower One
Ayala Tower One – One of the iconic buildings in the Makati Business District. On its ground is the Ayala Triangle Gardens that host the annual light and music show during Christmas season.

13. Village

Bukchon Hanok Village
Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea – Hanok is a term to describe Korean traditional houses. In the heart of the city, there are only few villages left with authentic hanok.

Vigan Heritage Village
Vigan Heritage Village in Ilocos Sur – Vigan is named as one of the seven newly declared wonder cities in the world. This best-preserved Spanish-planned city has been included in the World Heritage list too.

14. Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool in Sumilon
Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – One of my bucket list is to swim in the highest and largest infinity pool in the world. So when I got the chance and enough moolah to spend in Marina Bay Sands, I made sure I got some peeps to take a solo picture of me on it – my family.

Infinity Pool in Sumilon
Infinity pool in Sumilon, Cebu – Not long after, I realized that there are also equally mesmerizing infinity pools waiting to be visited in the country. One of which is in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort in Oslob, Cebu.

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