Juanderlust: Discover 80 Wonders of the Philippines in 80 Days

Juanderlust: Discover 80 Wonders of the Philippines in 80 Days

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What if I told that there is a way to travel around the Philippines, covering the North to South, in 80 consecutive solid days for free? Will you leave everything behind and start this epic adventure?

Hotel booking site, Travel Book PH and vacation rental booking site Stop Sleep Go teamed up to bring an online “talent” search competition aptly called as Juanderlust. More on why I consider this a talent search later. Juanderlust aims to find the ultimate Chosen Juan who embodies what it takes to be the newest voice of Philippine travel. Take a deep breath for the prize that awaits this bigger-than-big winner – PhP2.5 million worth of island hopping adventures in the Philippines for 80 days.

80 Wonders in 80 Days

I know! I got excited too when I received an invitation for their press launch. The only clue that I have for Juanderlust is “80 Wonders in 80 Days”. I thought this has to be a reality show of sort where travelers are pitted against each other in a challenge or are matched with other to find love while traveling. Yeah, I am that crazy and creative. But Juanderlust is more than my assumption.

Logo is a clue.

Juanderlust Logo

I am particular with the logo of brands being a front-end web developer. So when I saw its logo, I find it pretty clever. It is revealed that the logo is a fusion of three known travel icons. First is the geolocation pin. Second is the globe. And the third one is the hot-air balloon which is obviously inspired from “Around The World in 80 Days”. Thus, the magic number 80 came up. And not 81 provinces in the Philippines minus one. Haha. What am I thinking again?

When companies took time to squeeze their mind out to produce a quality logo, I am sure that the service or product that they’ll open to the public is carefully and craftfully planned.

Juan x Wanderlust

Juanderlust is a portmanteau of Juan (an iconic name representation of the citizen of this happy country) and Wanderlust (the dreamer’s disease of travelers). I consider this a talent search because the requirements to own that Chosen Juan title are needing skills in creative writing and video making to infuse the love for travel in the Philippines. It is open to every Juan, John, Juana, or Jane of 18 years of age and above and of any nationality living here or in abroad. So that makes Juanderlust global. The mechanics is simply answering the question “Why should you become the Chosen Juan?” in 300 words or less and through a video with length of 60 seconds or less. All these are to be accomplished in this registration form.

Jump, Juanderlust

The Road

Submitting an entry is half the journey. Pushing oneself to the very end of the road is another. Out of all applicants, only 100 will be selected to move on (big word!) to the next round based on the creativity, content and production of the audition piece. The Top 100 will be further reduced to 10 after yet-another-admission-test. It is a screening through an essay as a reply to this: “Tell us about yourself and your travels and why you should be the new travel voice of the Philippines”.

Wild Card

I told you – this is a reality search! There’s even a wild card entry. If the audition piece received the most number of likes and shares, the publisher of that entry automatically go straight to Top 10.

Chosen Juan

Each of the 9 + wildcard finalists will then go to a nearby destination, all expense overnight paid trip, for him or her to share that experience after. And just from a blog entry alone will emerge the Chosen Juan. The detailed mechanics are found here.

Satisfy Your Juanderlust

Champion’s Itinerary

  • Application cutoff: November 15, 2015
  • Email to 100 participants: November 25, 2015
  • 1500-word essay cutoff: December 3, 2015
  • Announcement of Top 10: December 10, 2015
  • Blog cutoff: December 20, 2015
  • Annoucement of Chosen Juan: January 2, 2016
Life Changing

Juanderlust will change the life of the champion. For someone who is currently employed, this will alter his or her career. But c’mon, traveling around the Philippines for free and yes, getting paid is a dream job for travelers like us. The Chosen Juan will go on his or her 80-day Juanderlust journey between January 10 and April 30, 2016. Enough to file a resignation letter right? LOL. Aside from an all-expenses paid 80-day trip around the Philippines, he or she will also receive gadgets to fully document the travel. The promise of the organizers is to mold a new celebrity. If everything I’ve said from the beginning does not excite you, I dunno.

See you at the podium finish.

Juanderlust Launch

Here’s a snapshot of the launch of this magnanimous competition while the guests are firing up burning questions in the Q & A. You can see me in the middle attentively listening to what everyone is telling. Alam na.

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