Don't Let A Traveler-Instagrammer Fall in Love With You

Don’t Let A Traveler-Instagrammer Fall in Love With You

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It was unlikely for your paths to cross unless you also enjoy the cozy ambience of whitewashed coffee and tea shops or you are also an Instagram user who participates in photowalks. You will barely recognize him from the crowd until he pulls out his shiny smartphone and starts to take snaps. While he only got a handy device on his pocket, he carries with him a load of memories in his photos and enthusiasm to capture more.

He seems introvert, but his square captures definitely tell more. You will find yourselves comfortable with each other’s company. He’s the newest friend whom you wish fate had suggested earlier.

But don’t let this traveler-Instagrammer fall in love with you.

You become his masterpiece.

Whatever or wherever the backdrop is, he knows how to bring the best in you and the best around you. You become part of his art. And art is his world. He knows how to work on your angles that even your back would speak a lot of tags.

You are his trophy.

He consistently posts how beautiful and memorable your adventures were so that everyone else could see. He thinks one square at a time wouldn’t cover enough all the times both of you shared. Through this repeated storytelling, he hopes to perfectly describe how wonderful the world is with you around.

You are more when everything else is less.

Minimalism when overdone is boring, but he carefully crafts and crops things for you to appear prominently in the most tasteful manner. A negative space draws everybody’s eyes on you. You’re the thing that matters to him most.

You are his weekend project.

He is always up to the challenge. Every week, he will take you somewhere you haven’t been. And every week you will become someone whom you haven’t been yourself. You are going to play with your hands, your hair, and your feet. You are going to see your reflection in a puddle or in a broken window pane. You are going to hide yourself behind tall grasses and trees. You are to traverse mountains and river beds. You will break away from your comfort zone. All these things one weekend at a time.

You are his captions.

While his feed won’t always be you, it could be about you. The traveler-Instagrammer wouldn’t feel bad if you turn down his invitation to travel. He will continue to go with the flow without you. But he carries you within his mind and soul. When you observe his feed, he meticulously fit you among the other pictures like how he would place you as a piece in his puzzle world. You are always present in the subtleties of cryptic captions. He is paranoid of the limited number of hashtags allowed to coat how much he loves you.

You are his double taps.

Tap twice and you’ll see what that means. No user suggestion or curated feature will amount to the prize he won on your adventures – your time together. You become part of his bucket list. Together you’ll climb the mountains, visit museums, meet new ‘grammers, and discover who the Philippines is. His heart is filled like a double tap whenever he’s at the best destination ever – anywhere next to you.


Despite all the grand display of love and affection, you should never allow the traveler-Instagrammer fall in love with you if you will only allow his love end in a one-way following. You met him as a wanderer who seeks for life changing moments and not as a travel agent who just arrange itineraries for someone else. He abandoned the comfort of being alone in traveling not for a short-time bonding stopover. People can’t just come and go as they please.

He thought traveling could be a promising fix and photography a good outlet. It would be devastating to know these break him instead. He has spotted saddest departures from the lonely airports, deserted lighthouses, unappreciated artworks and he doesn’t need to take yet another goodbye in.

But if you let yourself fall in love with a traveler-Instagrammer too, then stay with him.

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