Worldwide Instameet La Union: Of Unity, Waves, Likes, and Instagram

Worldwide Instameet La Union: Of Unity, Waves, Likes, and Instagram

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4 am call time in a Saturday morning was the first challenge of this meet up. So instead of leaving from home midnight, I marathoned and stayed awake for Cinderella and Insurgent in a movie house as my refuge. With excitement of catching up my friends who take Instagram seriously and potential sparks for new acquaintances, I was at the rendezvous an hour early. I thought it was a disaster in the making when we only left the pickup place 5:30.

Few, um no, more stopovers later, we arrived at The Circle Hostel. My backpacker soul jumped for happiness when I saw how the place was manually painted. It’s so artisanal. The choice between a triple-deck bed or a hammock is like an option between coffee or tea because both works for me. The Insta-famous organizers chose the latter while I selected the bed to be with new friends. Things were getting better.

The Circle Hostel
Not to mention, most of the graffiti are hugot from the heart.

The Circle Hostel
Triple treat or threat from 3-storey bed

The Circle Hostel La Union
Hammock rhymes with lamok.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
Presenting the candidates for potential sparks. JK.

Come lunch time and while everyone else was struggling on how to eliminate a seven-hour hunger, Jantzen and I went to a newly-opened carinderia called Chili’s. For only 55 pesos, I was satisfied, accomplished even, for paying half of the price in the other restaurants. The owner had also shown their homestay. (Contact: 09287660780) It is a good and cheaper alternative to the beachfront lodges during peak season.

We played sungka while waiting for others. Just for me to be later accused of cheating by someone who actually won his first game.

Moonleaf Notes
I was immortalized among the notes from the Moonleaf Tea Shop. Thanks, @jaaantzen.

We didn’t waste more time and we went straight to the Urbiztondo Beach to start ‘gramming.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
We knew uploads would be double when we walked in.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
Waves are flat so we didn’t bother to surf on the first day.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
The sands are hot. So are we.

And the rest of the Instameet went by the books.

Kids and Dogs of Urbiztondo

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Dogs of La Union

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

The Instagrammers in Action

You may find them weird as you watch these Instagram users snapping their subjects. But only because they produce unusual perspective of the world later.

Jdpanaligan, Cyrusy42, Japzzuniga, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
@jdpanaligan, @cyrusy42, @jappzuniga

Jaantzen, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Aizharalih, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Louiegraphy, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Jdpanaligan, Cyrusy42, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
@jdpanaligan, cyrusy42

Kimi Juan + Thomas Caja, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
Power couple, @kimijuan and @thomascaja

Full Circle

Had researched about the recommended places where to eat in San Juan, La Union, some members of the crowd went to Midway Grill because baby back ribs. We went crazy when we found out that it was legit. And affordable. And monstrous serving. And Wi-Fi. One evidence that these Instagrammers can hardly wait to taste legitimate food is that we forgot to take #flatlays of ribs and other grills. An unbecoming of a seasoned Instagram user. LOL.

It was also Jejomar’s (Not the Binay) pre-birthday. Pre- rhymes with free. So we got our free alcoholic drinks and chips. And best part – free entertainment from the hosts and fun facts from the fellow Instagram addicts. I learned that spaghetti and rice could go along together for someone, that we got a minor in our photography club, that some hearts of the peeps here are already taken breaking others’ hearts, that someone has a third eye and confirmed ghosts were accompanying us, and that they were familiar with my humor blog, Facebuko. I had also a chance to touch base with BonChon clique and check each other’s life outside Instagram where we left off from our last Instameet at BGC.

And because we planned to catch the sunrise, most of us went to our bunks to take rest. Wearing our smiles.

Day 2

5 in the morning and the half of the group was already awake preparing their stuff for day 2 of Instameet. And as usual, with the kind of creativity and resourcefulness of these kids are having, everything becomes awesome.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
Sunday Morning

San Juan, La Union
Some let go of their phones and plunge into the waters of La Union.

San Juan, La Union
Dubai in La Union

Larkvain, Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
@larkvain on his magazine cover-ish strut

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union
@larkvain, @louiegraphy, @aizharalih

With A Cause

True and in line with the Instagram’s #communityfirst, the Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union is also supporting the cause of @charitywater. With the influence and the reach of my fellow Instagram users, we could catalyze the spread of information about the importance of access to clean and safe water. We learned that #748million are denied of such needs.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union


Of course, I won’t miss the chance to share my mobile photographs and hugots and to be part of the awesomesauce #WWIM11_LaUnion feed which by the way is still kicking.

Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union by Parang Pag-ibig
One of my photos was picked among the winners for a prize courtesy of Craftsmith Living

Luh Union

Days later, together with my new friends and brothers in mobile photography, we are still suffering from the separation anxiety coined by @chrstianpadua as #Seapanx. It is a different feeling when you were part of a circle that understands your passion. Indeed, there are no strangers here. The Worldwide Instameet 11 La Union is not possible without the combined efforts of our Justice League of Instagram Philippines: @larkvain, @jelitodeleon, @marvinconanan, @saraaamartinez, and @louiegraphy. And of course with the generous @thecirclehostel, @crafthsmithliving and @purveyr.

The best photowalk yet.

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