Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

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I know it’s been some time. And there’s something on your mind. I see, you haven’t been the same since that cold November day. There’s a voice encouraging you to move on but you don’t know where to begin, and heck, you don’t even know where broken hearts go.

The relationships that sadly ended (and even the kinds that didn’t start at all – ouch!) come with emotional baggage of sadness, regret, fear and anger. To start moving on, we accept those feelings and pack a new baggage – a travelling kind of baggage. So let’s turn your Bakit List: (Bakit nya ako iniwan? Bakit kulang pa ako para sa kanya? Bakit ang tanga-tanga ko?) to this travel / moving on Bucket List.

1. Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa Festival

We get it. Not even your closest friends can comprehend what you’re feeling right now. When there’s nothing else to comfort you, resort to food. Food totally understands you. At least in Maginhawa Street, you have the say from the unlimited choices when you’re just an option for someone.

Nectar of Love and Potion

Breaking up punches holes in your heart but food fills in. It clogs the heart but at least the heart is not empty anymore. LOL. If the cause of your heartbreak is cheating, in Teachers’ Village, even each day becomes a cheat day, you ain’t hurting someone else for taking too much calories. Besides, the UP Academic Oval is nearby for burning and for potential sparks. Remember that stupid decisions were committed due to anger and to hunger. And we want to avoid more mistakes.

Alternatives: If you need space, break out to the outer space via Jupiter Street in Makati. If you like to meet a new BF, visit Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Paranaque.

2. Laboracay

Laboracay 2014

Some search inner peace for their soul in tranquil rurals. But some choose to be in the crowd to feel not alone. Or malandi rin lang talaga and they decide to seek some fun. If you want to feel some intimacy, even just skin-to-skin, Boracay Island welcomes you with open arms during Laboracay. Oh yes, the greater world may hate you for going to the uber-hyped transposed metro clubbing. But the world didn’t conspire with you, love wise, to begin with. Rebellious heart, it is.

Laboracay, Puka Beach

There are also cases for people who just had waken up sober and had finally realised that they were drunk during the entire relationship. The island offers its beach with 24/7 service of epic beauty and diverting parties. So leave the isopropyl alcohol for your external wounds and grab bottles of alcohol, beers, spirits or wines, for your internal wounds.

You can also break out from your comfort zone and cliff dive from Ariel’s Point. Re-enact how fast you fell… for someone. You will then realise that in order to continue your life, you need to go up and to come out. There’s struggle. But it will be okay in the end.

Boracay Sail

Alternatives: Independent music festivals such as Malasimbo in Puerto Galera gives a different vibe. Music helps to forget everything. Caveat – one song could remind you of everything too.

3. Bohol

Bohol Man Made Forest

Your heart is broken but definitely your heart is not missing. You still have the capability of loving. Differently. For provinces in the Philippines where calamity had struck, their people need some help. Through voluntourism, a portmanteau of volunteerism and tourism, one’s travel becomes more memorable because it includes volunteering for charitable causes. Organizations like All Hands empowers disaster relief volunteers around the world and recently held their program for the victims of the earthquake in Bohol.

Alternatives: The post-typhoon Haiyan project is also ongoing in Tacloban, Leyte. For more details, you may visit these links:1 and 2. You can also read more about voluntourism in the Philippines here.

4. Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag

When you reach the summit, it’s not about conquering the mountains anymore. It is more of conquering yourself. Imagine this – you move forward, you follow on the right way, you climb up. That’s moving on in x-axis, y-axis and z-axis. Winner!

Mountain climbing is a good cardio workout. It is a good favor you can do for the wellness of your aching heart. It is exhausting, yes. But don’t stop. Hanggang sa pagod na lang ang nararamdaman mo at hindi na ang sakit. Until you reach the summit.

Alternatives: If you want to learn a new sport, then try social climbing or socialization through mountain climbing. Join in an open group of mountain climbers. You can find them in Let’s Unite All the Climbers in the Philippines Facebook group or you can book at Trail Adventours.

5. National Museum

National Museum

Hindi lang puro puso kasi. Dapat utak rin. You heard this so many times. A visit to the museum is a good exercise of brain usage. It will unlock the “You Got A Brain” achievement. We would like to remind you that we’re reminiscing the country’s history here and not you and your ex’s past.

The National Museum features the traditional burial jars called Manunggul. Bury your feelings inside these national treasures as you exit from that exhibit.

Presidential Museum and Library

Alternatives: If you feel like blaming, visit the Malacanang Museum and Library and blame your heartbreak to the government, to Erap, to GMA, at kasalanan pa rin ito ni PNoy. The visit would inspire you to be a lawmaker and pass a bill regarding infidelity, 3-month rule, crimes for stealing one’s heart with no intention of returning it back. You might also want to visit the science museum in BGC too called The Mind Museum because relationship wise, chemistry over history.

6. Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe

Mga Hayop Sila! Mga Hayop! Pfft. Leave that drama. Animals, contrary with colloquial usage, are lovable. Visit the first dog cafe in the Philippines along the Katipunan strip. Control yourself squishing those adorable dogs and we bet you won’t compare your unfaithful ex-half and traitor best friend with the fauna. Pets are natural mood enhancers. So you don’t need to resort to medicine intake. If there’s someone who will love you more than himself, it’s a dog.

Your heart is broken but your heart is not missing. You are still capable of loving.

Statistics show that more humans choose to pet animals now than to raise own kids. Another study shows that pet owners have a lower risk of dying from any cardiac disease, including heart failure. And since you’re dealing with heart problems lately, pets will lighten your emotional load.

Barkin’ Blends also houses dog lovers that would mean more social interaction than isolating yourself.

Alternatives: If your heart melts with Barkin’ Blends Cafe dogs, you might want to adopt one from PAWS. Cats of Manila, a Facebook page dedicated to cats and comic relief, has a team that organizes events for the welfare of feline offline.

7. Sagada

Panag-apoy Festival

If you’ve been following the teasers of the upcoming movie, That Thing Called Tadhana, from which this post is inspired, the film is suggesting that the Cordilleras is a place where broken hearts go. I couldn’t agree more.

Man, the weather there is as cold as your ex’s heart. But you should go there. Because only then, you would know that you had moved on when the cold never bothered you anyway. You had moved on when you appreciate the hope of the sunrise gives by Kiltepan site. You had moved on when you’re not down because you’re on top load of the jeepney. Only then.

Alternative: Tagaytay gives the same atmosphere. However, proximity from Metro Manila suggests high probability that you and your ex have shared some memories here that could make you abort your mission to move on.

8. Palawan

Tarak Cliff

The Condé Nast Readers Choice Awards 2014 announced the Palawan is the top island to visit around the world. There’s a sense of entitlement when you’re the Number One, right? Something that you needed.

Hugot aside, the best place where you can kickstart re-organizing yourself is a paradise island. An island that will teach you that there’s so much to see and to feel in the world aside from a heartbreak. That the world gives you more than you used to think because you were blinded by unrequited love.

And here’s some of the snapshots of the island. And it is just waiting for you.

Underground River
Puerto Princesa Underground River

Nacpan-Calitang Beach
Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach

El Nido
Big Lagoon in El Nido

Alternative: Anywhere beside me. Where we comfort each other. Where we suddenly think that fate conspires and leads us together. Blind leading the blind. That kind of reality. Haha. Well, I am just thinking out loud that maybe we find love right where we are. Because when you recognise there is someone out here for you, you then realise that you truly is ready to move on and to fall in love again.

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