The 3 Kinds of Travelers You'll Meet

The 3 Kinds of Travelers You’ll Meet

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Prolly you’ve heard so much about the journey is more enjoyable than the destination. What makes the journey more memorable is how the traveler himself or herself decides or prepares on reaching the destination. The consequences of the traveler’s choices based on his or her personality generate good stories to share.

After sharing some adventures with fellow travelers, I observe some behavioral patterns common among each kind. I have identified three classifications: the Tourist, the Blogger, and the Backpacker. Here’s some ways on how to spot and to differentiate them:

Tourist in Photo Ops

1. In photo op
  • Tourist: *duck face, korean face, pinoy face*
  • The Blogger takes pictures in different modes and orientations: panorama, landscape, portrait, square, timelapse, etc.
  • Backpacker: Uy pa-tag na lang sa photos ah

2. Two hours after the trip
  • The Tourist changes his profile picture with the recent and the best, out of the 48, selfie.
  • Backpacker: Uy Blogger, kelan mo ia-upload? Hehe. Share your albums na. Or kahit naka-private lang sa amin.
  • The Blogger contemplates his existence and role in society and asks himself: Bakit naman blurred ang pagkakakuha niya sa akin? Tapos siya pa ang galit kapag hindi agad naupload yung pictures.

Backpacker after the trip

3. In restaurants
  • The Tourist won’t miss taking an Instagram of the food.
  • The Blogger captures snapshot of the menu, the prices, and the interiors. He is not easily swayed by the TripAdvisor sticker. He also asks the waiter: Anong oras nagbubukas ito? Closing? Nandiyan yung owner? Sino pwede ko makausap about marketing?
  • The Backpacker be like: Guys pwedeng sa iba na lang?

Travelers by alcoholic drinks

4. By alcoholic drinks
  • The Tourist orders mamahalin drinks
  • Blogger: What’s your best seller?
  • The Backpacker is happy with Empy Lights. And is drinking with the locals.

Travelers in filing vacation leaves

5. In filing vacation leaves
  • The Blogger is unemployed so he has no problem.
  • The Backpacker wishes for boss’ approval.
  • The Tourist: Sorry. I won’t approve this leave.

Backpacker checking in the airport

6. Checkin at the airport
  • The Backpacker checked in and passed through immigration gates in less than 30 minutes. He stares at the boxes of doughnuts of his fellow passengers.
  • The Blogger has reached the boarding gates few minutes after the backpacker. He negotiates with the airline checkin receptionist about his tripod.
  • The Tourist is charged with excess baggage fee. It took her more time in inspection because of what she wears. Her favorite perfume and shampoo were taken away from her.

Touchdown Batanes

7. Arrival at the airport
  • The Tourist posts “Touchdown Batanes – feeling blessed”
  • The Blogger posts “#touchdown #basco #batanes #morefuninthephilippines #stoked”
  • The Backpacker asks one of the airport officials: Ano pong password ng WiFi?

Separation Anxiety

8. Upon return from the trip
  • The Tourist posts separation anxiety updates.
  • The Blogger uploads pictures, put watermarks, and include SEO keywords in his blog update.
  • The Backpacker: Sad, makikita ko na naman mukha ng boss ko. At yung officemates kong mapanghusga na mayaman daw ako pero walang maiuwi na pasalubong

Bohol Itinerary

9. In planning for the next trip
  • Tourist: Is this Trail Factor First? I want to reserve 5 pax on these dates.
  • Blogger: Woot! Another weekend to blog. Or another backlog.
  • Backpacker approaches the Blogger: Uy ano nga ulit itinerary mo sa Bohol?

Travel Quotes

10. In social media
  • The Blogger posts travel photos with travel quotes in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
  • The Tourist re-shares, likes, regrams, pins, retweets Blogger’s posts.
  • The Backpacker likes Facebook posts only. Free FB lang eh.
    • Travelers in Instagram

      11. In Instagram
      • The Blogger uses VSCO, Snapseed and the like to post process images.
      • The Tourist uses collage apps to put nine photos in single square.
      • The Backpacker cannot post in Instagram. Free FB lang eh. Ano pong password ng WiFi?

      Hotel Reservations

      12. By accommodation type
      • The Tourist chooses superior or deluxe rooms.
      • Blogger: Sure Mam. I am going to post po a good review in exchange of superior room.
      • The Backpacker is chatting with someone: Ui, i-host mo na man ako. Kahit sa couch lang ako matulog.

      Fellow Travelers

      13. In meeting another traveler
      • Tourist: Hello! How are you? The weather is not that cooperative noh?
      • Backpacker: Where are you from? Hey, I’m planning to visit your country too.
      • Blogger: Travel blogger ka rin? Anong url mo? Check mine too.

      Finding Myself

      14. Main reason to travel
      • The Tourist needs her well deserved break after a big project has been successfully rolled out.
      • The Blogger needs to blog that off beaten path first.
      • Backpacker: For me traveling is one of the best recovering mechanisms. A way to forget things, to move on. To be one with the nature. To find and to create my self.

      Bloggers in their Branded Identity

      15. That unique item they constantly bring
      • The Tourist brings at least two pairs of shoes.
      • The Backpacker has his can opener possibly an improvised one.
      • The Blogger has her imaginary travel buddy in a shape of a toy or figurine.

      In the Club

      16. In the club
      • The Tourist stumbles upon a beautiful girl: I have a room in Shangrila, here’s my room number…
      • The Backpacker bumps beautiful girl: Dun tayo sa kweba oh. Walang makakakita sa atin.
      • Beautiful girl bumps the Blogger. The Blogger stares at her from head to toe: Excuse me. Few steps after, the Blogger bumps the Tourist and the Backpacker: Hi Boys.


      17. Things they tend to forget
      • Tourist: Fudge, I forgot my sunblock. Iitim ako.
      • Backpacker: Shet. Naiwan ko underwear ko. Side B na lang. Yolo!
      • Blogger writes: I left my heart in the place or for someone.
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