31 Things in Airports and in Airplanes Na Parang Pag-ibig

31 Things in Airports and in Airplanes Na Parang Pag-ibig

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We have been to the places in the Philippines na parang pag-ibig. We don’t see the LRT and MRT the same way before anymore. And now, in tradition of these allegories and metaphors, I bring you the third installment of the Parang Pag-ibig series. We shall be taking off shortly so please straighten up your seats. Make sure your hearts are securely fasten, minds open, and your tray table is up.

Hong Kong Immigration

1. Love is like passing through the Customs. It is better not to declare things at all. There is a comfort in loving someone in silence than to declare your love. The latter complicates the situation. Parang pag-ibig. Huwag na lang aminin.

Hong Kong International Airport

2. Getting inside the airport with metal detectors is like getting in a relationship. You might been hurt. Time made your heart as tough as metal. But as long as you choose to have a steel heart, pusong binakal na ng panahon, you won’t get in.

3. Likewise, the past that you keep on carrying is an excess baggage. Before you get in to an airport or into a relationship, you must leave it so you can continue in the present. Iwanan ang mabibigat na dinadala. Parang pag-ibig.

4. Liquids stored in more than 100 milliliter containers are not allowed. However distributing them into smaller holders will do. We don’t know the logic behind that rule in the airports until we realized that love is closely like that. It is more dangerous and riskier to love all out at once, one time big time, than to love little by little.

Cebu Pacific

5. Love is like in-flight games. It does not matter if you’ve shown the intent first. It is always someone’s prerogative, someone’s choice. The flight attendant may choose someone else over you. Parang pag-ibig.

6. That’s why other airlines don’t bother to conduct games. Because a flight should be treated seriously like love. Hindi nilalaro.

7. Sometimes we don’t understand what the pilots and flight stewards say because they eat their words. And we don’t understand ourselves too – we tell ourselves we won’t fall for someone but we also eat our words.

8. Flight attendants can walk in the aisle while plane is up in the air but passengers are not allowed even just to stand when the plane is on the ground going few miles an hour before disembarking. Parang pag-ibig. It does go beyond logic.

9. Be mindful of others when reclining seat. Hindi mo lang napansin may nasaktan ka na pala. Parang pag-ibig.

10. Flight safety dance ay parang pag-ibig. Mukhang tanga minsan pero push mo lang.

11. Love is when we are told that lights will be dimmed. Not only because we get to see city night lights but for our eyes to adjust in the darkness in case of emergencies. There’s beauty. There’s darkness. Parang pag-ibig.

12. Love is like when the lights are turned on after the crew dimmed the plane. Nakakabulag. Parang pag-ibig.

13. A love that is loyal is like the lavatory. Isa-isa lang dapat.

Laguindingan Airport

14. Delays are stressful. Delayed flight and a delayed girlfriend may turn into problems.

Bandaranaike International Airport

15. The thrill in flights and in making love start during take off. When the plane took off and when we took clothes off.

16. Unrequited love is when lightning strikes an airplane. Kahit may sparks parang wala lang nangyari.

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

17. Disembarking from an airplane is like love. Some people choose to stand and to wait in the aisle even the door of opportunity is still closed. There’s a timing for everything. Mapapagod ka lang. Parang pag-ibig.

Philippine Airlines

18. In-flight cup noodles are like love in the air. Mahal ‘pag sa ere.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

19. In flights, we see passengers in travel classes – first class, business class and economy class. Pero ikaw, ibang klase. #Boom


20. The smoothest place to sit in the airplane is often over or near the wing. And the safest place on earth is beneath my wings. #BoomUlit

Taipei International Airport

21. The passport stamps are like love experiences. Immigration favors the experienced. Parang pag-ibig.

22. And for the first-timers and travel virgins? Mas mahirap makapasok. Parang… pag-ibig.

Changi International Airport

23. Love is like the baggage claim area. Darating din ang para talaga sa iyo. Parang pag-ibig.

Laguindingan Airport

24. Love is like the business and prices of things in the airport. Mas napapalapit ka, mas napapamahal ka. Parang pag-ibig.

Zest Air

25. A ticket is to a plane. What you feel is to love. Airlines overbook. Thus, your ticket is no guarantee that you’ll get a seat. People overlook. So your feelings are not guaranteed you’ll get the person’s too.

Laguindingan Airport

26. Carry-on items and check-in baggages are like love. All valuables should not be checked in. Imagine your fragile heart being passed and tossed around in tarmac.

27. Single travellers are like duty-free chocolates. Masarap na. Wala pang duties and responsibilities sa iba.

Basco Airport

28. Loving someone who doesn’t like you is like waiting for a ship to dock in an airport.

Changi International Airport

29. In airports, you will experience both happiness and sadness. Parang pag-ibig. Those feelings from departures and arrivals. That excitement for a new engagement ahead. Those fears and uncertainties until you hear some announcements. Those tears during farewells.

Airport Runway

30. The one who gives you the best advice in relationship problems – a single. The best person to consult when can’t decide on booking flights? Solo backpacker. There’s no comparison with pag-ibig though. I am just making a point. LOL.

31. Seat selector is a metaphor for love. You can choose our seats but you cannot choose the person who will seat next to us. You’ll share a common elbow rest. You’ll share stories. And when you’re ready to share your heart too, the plane has already landed and both of you will continue your travel on your own. Mapapost ka na lang… Touchdown airport, who touches yours?

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