26 Badges for Travel Addicts

26 Badges for Travel Addicts

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Do you travel too much? Do you travel across the land? Do you search far and wide, each culture to understand life lesson that’s inside? Good! Your quest to travel around the world comes with these accomplishment badges a.k.a. the insignia to tell that you’re someone who travels a lot. So if you can relate with the following signs, collect the badges and later you’ll realize how travel addict you are.

1. New Year’s Resolution

New Year's Resolution, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You started 2014 not by listing the old habits you want to kill but by enumerating the places you want to visit this year. Or even had planned the trips for the next decade. You got too excited to plan your version of 52-week money challenge because you are eyeing a dream vacation. You hashtag this year with #TravelMore2014 or #Wanderlust2014.

2. Breaking Bank

Breaking Bank, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image Wired]

As soon as you get your salary, an item to the budget is for the next trip. Of course, the finance guru will remind you to allocate the basic expenses first and the savings left should be portioned out for travel. Following this argument, visiting a new place is a necessity to a travel freak’s balanced life, right? You strongly believe that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

3. Never Ending Bucket List

Never Ending Bucket List, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

While you try to tick off a handful of items in the bucket list, the list seems to get longer and thicker and you blame it to the travel pages and photos circulating around Facebook. 1000 places to visit before you die, they said. You have 10000, no?

4. The Flash

The Flash, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Packing (and wearing too) light has its rewards. You can get through the checkin counter, the security and the immigration in the least amount of time. Fortunately, you haven’t missed a flight because checking in over the web allows you to skip the airline counter and to catch the plane even within few minutes before boarding time. You queue last because it has the same convenience which the elite flyers have. Because for you, entering the plane when everyone else is settled is like starting a party as you walk in. Likewise, getting out the airport is a breeze since you ain’t gonna wait 48 years for the checked-in bags to roll.

5. Change of Career

Change of Career, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

The thought of changing your career for travel came once, if not always. You are deciding whether to quit the job, to take a sabbatical leave, or to totally take a different career path like volun-tourism. Because making a living is far different from making a life.

6. Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You have accumulated some reward points from credit cards out of your several online bookings. You save card membership fees for the year or you are rewarded with another roundtrip ticket for 2!

7. Buckle App

Buckle App, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Before the adventure starts, your phone is already loaded with every offline maps, photography and travel apps you could possibly need. You had even experienced booking flights through mobile apps even while in commute and scored the cheapest flights. You can hardly wait because promo is like now or never.

8. Lugar Lang

Lugar Lang, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Breaking language barrier seems to be exciting for you rather than troublesome. With nearly hundred languages in the Philippines and hundreds more around the world, adding ‘poqui-poqui’, ‘kabatiti’, ‘kadyot’, ‘saguli’, and more to the vocabulary makes you think of the moments when to use these on a conversation back at home. And yes, you learned the curse words first.

9. Dual Mode

Dual Mode, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You can identify your tone of the trip as a tourist or as a traveler by wi-fi or the lack of it. As a tourist, the first thing you ask in the hotel or in the restaurant is their wi-fi password because you want to (over) share your moments to the world. Bringing the extension cord seems normal to you. Pocket wi-fi and power banks are also must-brings. As a traveler, you like to be disconnected because you want to realize the things, which you used to believe couldn’t live without, don’t matter now.

10. The Quickie

The Quickie, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Everland in South Korea, malls in Orchard Road, hotels in Macau, and attractions in Davao are some places where you were presented an infinite list of choices. You remained calm, quickly decided what to do and carried on from there. Spontaneity leads you to great adventures. Besides even bad decisions ended up good stories to share. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it is crucial that you should choose.

11. Solo YOLO

Solo Yolo, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Solo backpacking has been an option, the best choice if you will, on how you travel. Solo traveling empowers you. It makes you harder better faster stronger. You experienced first hand the classic differentiation of being alone from being lonely.

12. Annyeong Haseyo

Annyeong Haseyo, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Congratulations! You have seen South Koreans everywhere you go. Such gwiyomi. Many chingu. Much oppa. Wow.

13. Shopping Snob

Shop Snob, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You stopped buying things deemed less important. As the urge to cross your bucket list intensifies, adding items to your shopping cart is slowing down. You used to collect pair of shoes, jacket, headphones or wristwatches every month. Spare coins and small bills, refrigerator magnets and city mugs from other countries become your new collection. Unless the 3-day mallwide sale sells cheap tickets or mountain climbing gears, you just snob.

14. Never A Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

No place is boring. You never get bored because you are so curious to try things. You were warned how stinking the tofu is, you still indulge. You were dropped in an isolated island, you still find it fitting because skinny dipping. Staying inside your room, whatever the weather is, is a mortal sin.

15. Overshare

Overshare, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image ABC 33/40]

Your friends once hated you vocally after you shared a stream of photos and statuses in late real time or after you kept on changing your Facebook cover photo of your recent trips. You checked in to Foursquare and earned at least 500 points at the end of your trip for exploring new places, where most likely you visited first among your friends. And when you come back, you’ll prolong others’ agony by posting ‘So many photos, so little time.’ The nerve.

16. Surf’s Up

Surf's Up, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image WordPress]

Your procrastination includes reading travel blogs and guides in the internet to get off the internet. You surf the web to couchsurf or to do the actual and real surfing. The news about airline acquisition, constructions of new bullet trains, public announcement of holidays, and restricting and relaxing visa requirements are some of the things interest you now.

17. Original Sound Trek

Original Sound Trek, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image Blogspot]

Your unique playlist of songs about travel, YOLO and living the life (like you’re dying or live while we’re young) is your company while in your transit to a whole new world. You even have an undying high hopes of finding love in a hopeless place.

18. The Economist

Economist, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image Wiki]

You learned the appreciation of joy whenever you share your adventures online and offline and contrast it to the depreciation of happiness from the moment you unbox your new gadgets until the time when newer models are released. You mastered the law of supply and demand and juggled when to buy plane tickets and to book hotels. But you also know opportunity cost so you grab the chance to score from travel expo and flash sales. You value things in terms of plane tickets or number of vacation days like ‘This new released gadget is worth five days in a cross-country Indochina trip’. You know the market because you are the market.

19. The Blogger

The Blogger, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image Fitspirational Blonde]

If Facebook is not enough, you run a blog to share your experience to more personal level. Because you also believe that traveling is weaving a love story and the destinations are lovers. Who does not like to share love stories right? Part of your objectives is also to provide itineraries and tips for your readers and your friends. You try to earn something or to score sponsorships for your next travel.

20. Compassion

Compassion, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You cried and thought of the people in Visayas when you learned the devastation of recent earthquake and typhoon to the islands you have explored. Because you become more compassionate as you travel with other strangers or the friends you never met. More things become relevant to you as you widen your horizon. You understand that the world is both very large and very small.

21. By the Book

By the Book, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You have done one or all of these: Book flights with at least two different cities as entry and exit points. Book one-way tickets separately from different airlines to complete your roundtrip flight. Book an insanely cheap ticket because of the glitch in the web site or app. Book hotel reservations only to cancel them for free because you just need these for visa. Book just because for fun but ended up not taking the flight.

22. Love at First Sites

Love at First Sites, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict
[Image Flickr]

When you open your browser, your most visited sites are airline booking sites and weather. When you check the bookmark manager, you see that you’ve pinned everything about travel from HuffPost, CNN and Buzzfeed.

23. Top Gun

Top Gun, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You visited the best airports in the world, Changi, Incheon and Hong Kong to name a few, and considered them as tourist attractions themselves. Where in the world can you find IMAX cinemas within the airport premises? You beg to disagree that NAIA Terminal is the worst airport because you’ve experienced a worse airport than it. You involuntarily speak with fellow travelers in airport codes and not in city names. You love to recreate the poster of the movie, Up in the Air, for reasons.

24. Sinungaling Leaves

Sinungaling Leaves, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

Absence makes the heart grow fonder but paid leaves of absence make the heart of traveler grow fonder. But desperate times call for desperate measures so you take SL (sick leave) as SL (sinungaling leave) so you can have longer vacations. Instead of converting your sick leaves to cash in yearend, you find it more convenient to use them for your weekend trips. Lucky you if the company allows offset or the extreme employee benefit, unlimited vacation days.

25. Visa Envy

Visa Envy, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

This article, How Much Freedom Of Travel Does Your Country Have?, left sadness as you compare how Filipinos can travel around the world without having visas. Wanderlust and visa envy are traveler’s deadly sins. But you also look on the brighter side – because of such restriction, choosing Philippines first and visiting the 82 provinces of the country becomes a good default option too.

26. Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety, Wandering Weekend Warrior, Travel Addict

You hated Mondays (or any weekday of your return to the reality) more than anyone else because of the disorder known to many travelers as separation anxiety. You miss your newly found friends. You miss the clean air. You are restless. This is the hangover one gets who caught the travel bug. And no rehab couldn’t cure your disease except to pack your bags and to travel again.


As Aristotle puts it, we are what we repeatedly do. And travel is what we repeatedly do and what we repeatedly love. How many badges did you get?

0 : You got to the end of the article without a badge but you’re hooked! You can talk to me or to your colleagues who travel. We’re going to convert you.
1 – 5 : Everyone has to start small. You might not have enough badges but golly, you have that will to travel the world! Flame on!
6 – 15 : You have traveled quite but within your comfort zone. Break out! If this is a sign, take that flight. Try solo.
15 – 20 : You travel a lot and you want more. You surround yourself with traveling friends and subscription lists about travel. What’s next? Forget about following strict itineraries.
21 – 26 : Where have you been last weekend huh? Are you still working? Is there space in your passport? Invite me in your next trip.

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